This book is written out of a growing concern of what we see today in a world where there is no right from wrongs anymore. The nuclear family is in a spiritual battle, who are we going to serve Jesus or the enemy of our soul, that is the question Today. Joshua told the people of his day “Whom will you serve? As for me he said, “I will serve the Lord” and the people responded by saying “We will serve the Lord our God and we will obey his voice” (Josh24:24.} This book shows you some of the pitfalls of life. But more than that, if we live our life according to Gods’ blueprint set forth in the word of God, we will see a difference in our live s and the lives of our children. The Word of the Lord is a sure foundation if we put it into practice our children will grow-up to love the Lord and they will have a Biblical mind set. It is up to us. The question is therefore “Whom will we serve?”