Author Attie De Vries shares the story of how her son, Simon, overcame scleroderma, an incurable and often fatal disease affecting all of the vital organs of the body, including the heart, liver, kidney, lungs, and the skin tissue. Simon’s ordeal tested the family’s faith, but through it all they overcame fear and frustration to learn what it takes to fully give a situation to God. In the end, the De Vries family saw firsthand the wonder of God’s healing power, much to the surprise of Simon’s doctors. A Miracle is more than a testimony; it is a case study in trusting in God in the midst of adversity, surrendering to His will, and watching faith be rewarded.

Attie “A Miracle Healed of Scleroderma” youtube book video

Simon Jr & Simon Sr on Katherine Kuhlman “I Believe in Miracles”

Scleroderma, Devastating Diagnosis, June 16, 2008

By Richard R. Blake

Reviewed by for Midwest Book Review

“Attie DeVries writes the moving and dramatic story of her son Simon’s healing from the incurable disease of scleroderma in the book “A Miracle.” At age five Simon was diagnosed as having this incurable disease.

Recurring testing, various treatments, and ongoing therapy became a way of life for this young family. Attie tells of her fears and frustrations of battling the uncertainty of the disease.

A whole new world opened up for Attie and her husband Simon after reading the book “I Believe in Miracles” the story of Katherine Kuhlman and her ministry of healing. Over the next several months the family began attending “healing services”, studied the scriptures, and stepped out in faith as they prayed for Simon’s healing.

Simon’s story is beautifully written. The reader is drawn into the progression of faith building lessons from parallels of Abraham’s life and the De Vries journey of trust, patience and faith.

Obeying God’s call on their lives, Attie and Simon stepped out in faith, attended Bible School and formed a Television Ministry that airs in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Russia.

“A Miracle” provides the reader with encouragement and inspiration. De Vries writing is relevant for today with solid Biblical evidence that God’s miracles and healing are available for Christians today.”